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    This detailed course helps you to take a closer look at the responsibilities of becoming a CompTIA specialist in the IT industry. Companies rely on the CompTIA standards in order to be able to consistently predict employee success. Additionally, there is a growing need for CompTIA specialists that are qualified as networking professionals. For this reason, our course includes three core Practice Labs that are focused on covering all the topics that come up in the CompTIA certification exams and we make use of real CompTIA equipment.


    Our goal with this introductory IT program is to give individuals who have no experience or training in this field the opportunity to pursue a career as a network professional or security professional. This Comp TIA IT fundamentals course will help you develop practical IT skills all over the internet. This way, you won’t have to invest in your own system, saving you the cost of both hardware and software.


    This user-friendly program is designed for those people who are looking for cybersecurity certificate programs online. Therefore, it’s best for anyone who wants to learn more about information technology and pursue a career in that field. What’s more, the program is built on a user-friendly platform. This way, more users can use this educational platform and make the most of it. Some of the knowledge that this certificate in cybersecurity will provide you with includes: • Critical elements ofinformation security • Important information on certifications that professionals in the industry will need There are a total of 8 courses in this cybersecurity program. Each of these tackles a unique topic that you must know as a professional in the field of IT.


    This interactive module is specifically designed for people who are looking for data analytics certification online. With this certification module, you can acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and credentials to make a successful career for yourself in the field of data analytics. This assessment-rich module will provide you with an overview of various topics in the field of statists, and it will instruct you on how you can apply that knowledge in various fields.


    This multimedia-rich program is designed forIT professionals who are looking for cybersecurity certificate programs online.Therefore, they must have ten or more years of professional experience in IT administration. They must also have five or more years of professional hands-on technical security experience. This program is, thus, designed for IT professionals who want to become a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP). CASP certifies critical judgment and thinking across a particularly broad spectrum of disciplines pertaining to security.It also requires its candidates to be able to implement practical solutions in various complex environments.


    This comprehensive course is designed to help you not only become a certified blockchain professional but also help you understand how blockchain works as a decentralization strategy. Blockchain technology is slowly being embraced by various industries including finance, logistics, healthcare, logistics and more.


    Establish yourself as the best information security officer with the help of our intensive Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) program. This is a one-of-a-certification and training program offered by us to help make anyone into the best information security officer. The need for better information security is a must, particularly as companies and businesses start to rely more on remote data storage option, such as cloud storage. For this reason, the course material focuses on the following: • Understanding of CCISO information security management domains. • Taking a closer look at the policies, legal aspects and compliance requirements of the domains. • Learning how to audit management and IS controls. • Understand the perspective of operations and project management.


    Includes CEH Certification Exam

    This ethical hacking training course is designed for anyone who wants to become a certified ethical hacker. Thus, in this course, you’ll learn about the five essential phases of ethical hacking. With this knowledge, you’ll know how to approach your target and what you must do to succeed at breaking-in and achieving your goal each time. The five essential phases of ethical hacking are: 1. Reconnaissance 2. Gainingaccess to your target 3. Enumeration 4. Maintaining access to your target 5. Covering your tracks This is one of the most advanced ethical hacking training courses you’ll find in the world as it includes 20 of the latest security domains out there. This course provides a level of interactivity that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.


    The IT incident management training program will make learners proficient in handling and responding to various security incidents such as network security incidents, malicious code incidents, and insider attack threats. In addition, the learners will learn about computer forensics and its role in handling and responding to incidents. The course also covers incident response teams, it incident management training methods, and incident recovery techniques in detail. The ECIH certification will provide professionals greater industry acceptance as the seasoned incident handler.


    This intensive assessment-rich certification course is ideal for experienced IT professionals. It introduces you to Information Security Management as well as Cyber Security procedures. The course includes CompTIA Security + practice lab, which will allow you to practice the covered material using real-world equipment in a safe environment. This course is an introductory Cyber Security program and also provides complete training in Information Systems Auditing.


    This program will prepare students for the CISSP exam so that they may secure positions, such as Chief Information Security Officers, Security Architects, or Security Analysts.This course is for professionals who have experience working as security officers and want to improve their qualifications with a CISSP certification. This program contains two practice exams that include 120 CISSP practice questions, allowing you to test your knowledge. This way, you’ll be better equipped with what you can expect in the actual exam. These practice exams cover eight domains from ISC, which include: 1. Asset security 2. Risk and security management 3. Communications and network security 4. Security engineering 5. Security assessment and testing 6. Identity and access management 7.


    This assessment-rich Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) program is ideal for IT professionals interested in IS security. Throughout the course, you’ll be provided the knowledge and skills necessary to manage cybersecurity with command over ISC² Common Body of Knowledge. During this course: • You’ll study the eight domains required for proficiency in IS security. • You’ll learn using six different scenarios based on real-world cybersecurity problems. • All the scenarios are self-paced and include interactive games, expert videos, assessments, quizzes, real-world problems, and focused instruction.